"These are the golden keys to The truth, happiness, success and inner peace.

It's not an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth, it's about letting go and seeing the truth."


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  • "Lifestyles of Las Vegas" new TV show.
  • "Las Vegas Job Swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows

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Dr. Sam Chachoua Story

  • Dr.Sam (Dr.Samir) has created a whole New Paradigm of Tagging complexes using LIVE viral proteins to tag the diseased cells of cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer's etc.
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  • To give people the keys to the TRUTH to resolve major issues that encompass things that really matter"


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We Have For This year:

"Las Vegas Job Swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows and putting them in a business environment ...

"Women Who Rule Vegas" new TV show.

Our Mission

To raise public awareness

To inform the public of all current events on a multi-faceted level regarding all the key elements and important issues of life - the things that really matter!

Spirituality, health, beauty, media, music, finances, real estate and the economy! To give the public the keys and the real solutions to every major problem in the world!

Such as: Spiritual Enlightenment: Always put God and your faith first so you can become who you were meant to be and succeed with anything you want to do by putting God first and believing in who you are,

Health Problems; The cure for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, diabetes, clogged arteries, etc.

Finance: The truth about debt and how to claim your true self and get out of debt. To set new precedents in the courts across America for the resoluton of the foreclosure crisis.

Beauty and Health: To eat with diet tips and lose weight the right way and how to keep it off, how to get rid of wrinkles without surgery, how to get rid of cellulite, exercise and fitness, what supplements to take to lower your fat retention and cholesterol

Media: What is going on in television and film and music. What is going on in the music industry and how to market independent artists,

Real estate: What the scoop on the markets all over the globe are doing and the new developments that are occurring, How to solve the foreclosure crisis

The Economy: What's happening in the economy world wide.