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     Important Article About Foreclosures

Real Estate & Economy

What is the Solution?

In order to stop all the foreclosures from happening and to stabilize the markets, Congress must mandate for banks to reduce principal on loans. They must both reduce principal and lower interest rates for all home owners across America and the globe to stabilize the economy and the financial markets!!!!! This should be for any scenario whether people are in bankruptcy or not!!! This should apply to all kinds of real estate; homes, land, condos, development projects, etc.

Where the values have dropped or where there are predatory lending practice issues, truth-in lending issues, respa, hoepa, repurchase claims etc. ".Should the people be responsible for the fault of the banking institutions to pay for their mistakes of the unregulated mortgages which went through securitization which was part of the pooling and servicing agreements of the subprime/predatory loans that were purchased from, and sold to, mortgages companies and investors to begin with? "

The public is a victim of securitization fraud regarding their loans and void transfers. Banks do wrongful foreclosures everyday. U.S. Trustee of the United States entered into a settlement of $25 Billion among the 50 states.

Where is the bailout for the people? Banks want to keep people in debt! Debt does not really exist anyway! Debt is borrowed into existance. How to stay out of debt by not playing their game is my motto! Stay out of debt!!!

Get your property free and clear. Eliminate your mortgage and file for Allodial title.

What is Allodial title? (click to download or view in pdf)

Do people really need money? go to

Google: Mary Croft's book, "How I clobbered every bureaucratic, cash confiscatory agency known to man"
Google: Jon Witterick's YouTube videos.