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  • "Lifestyles of Las Vegas" new TV show.
  • "Las Vegas Job Swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows

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  • Dr.Sam (Dr.Samir) has created a whole New Paradigm of Tagging complexes using LIVE viral proteins to tag the diseased cells of cancer, AIDs, diabetes, Alzheimer's etc.
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  • Healthy life is better life
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"Las Vegas Job Swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows and putting them in a business environment ...

"Women Who Rule Vegas" new TV show.

About Denise



Denise Fuleihan has been singing, playing piano and entertaining since the age of 7. She was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.

As a child, she used to perform the song “I’m a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll”, as you know the famous song by Donny and Marie Osmond in front of the parents of her friends on the family room tables. She also entered a talent contest in second grade and played an original song on the piano and won first place.

An entertainer at heart, this girl was determined to make a career in the music industry! Denise was 15 years old when star search called her to perform in the hit TV show, “Star Search”. At that age, she was constantly making records and writing original songs to send in to the record companies. She got a call from an agent in St. Louis, MO. to go audition for Ike and Tina Turner’s son Ike Turner jr. to go on a world tour. She did this in 1986.

Denise was the first girl in line to audition out of 100 women for this part to go on this world tour and with Tina Turner’s help to open for B.B.king and Chaka Kahn. Denise was chosen to go on this tour out of 100 women and did so for 6 years. She has worked with many celebrities including many great icons such as Quincy Jones, Dionne Warwick, Tom Jones, Sammy Davis jr. and more. She also did a benefit show with Altovise Davis, Sammy's wife, after Sammy's death.

Denise moved to Las Vegas in 1989 to start to perform with these
great artists and to perform as the lead MC of the show on the Las Vegas strip called “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera hotel.

In 1997, Denise released a record called “Get Real With Denise” which featured the re-make version of the hit 70’s song by Cheryl Lynn, “Got To Be Real” and 3 additional original tunes that played on the air waves on Las Vegas radio stations such as 98.5 KLUC, 88.1 KCEP, KISS FM in LA., and WKTU in New York and New Jersey. This album was sold in record stores nationwide in Trump Towers NY, Tower Records, Virgin, and Sam goody etc. The record sold out at almost all of the stores.

In 1999, Denise was assisting new artists on American Idol at the
MGM in Las Vegas working with Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and the gang, during the start of Kelly Clarkson's career.

Denise was also pursuing becoming a real estate agent in that same year of 1999. She has become an owner/broker of a real estate company called “Royal Pacific Properties” in 2007. She is soon to open and operate offices in Newport Beach, California. Denise has also acted as a pro se attorney in the U. S. District Court of Nevada, sueing Wells Fargo, MERS, US Bank National, fight the wrongful conduct of major banking institutions (Google the Las Vegas Review/Journal article October 2009).

Denise was involved with the structuring of Marie Osmond's proposed national TV talk show in 2009 including many meetings with her creative and financial team.

Denise has also been working on her own TV show with different TV
producers affiliated with RDF media in London and in the US to
produce and direct a reality TV show, sparking the idea of filming
people in the entertainment world in Las Vegas and in the business

This was just one of the show formats discussed with Jon Murray, Bunim Murray in 2009 and Ryan Seacrest. Jon Murray and Ryan Seacrest produce and direct the reality shows such as “Real world”, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “Simple life”, “Project runway”, and more. They are considered pioneers in reality TV today.

Denise is currently working on major movie soundtracks and a production deal with a major record company label.

Denise's goals are to be the “star” of a great show in Las Vegas, to do film projects, movie soundtracks plus to direct, produce and star in TV shows that encompass media and entertainment in all respects!

Another major goal is to set a precedent in Federal court to reduce principal balances on home mortgages as well as reducing interest rates and/or removing unwarranted loans from property titles that don't have the right to lien property to begin with. This should be mandated throughout the Las Vegas valley and other court juridictions thoughout the country.

A very special goal is to bring Dr. Samir Chachoua's natural cures for diverse incurable diseases such Cancer, Alzheimers, HIV/Aids, Malaria, Heart Disease, etc. to the forefront of the medical industry.