"These are the golden keys to The truth, happiness, success and inner peace.

It's not an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth, it's about letting go and seeing the truth."



Latest News

  • "Lifestyles of Las Vegas" new TV show.
  • "Las Vegas Job Swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows

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Dr. Sam Chachoua Story

  • Dr.Sam (Dr.Samir) has created a whole New Paradigm of Tagging complexes using LIVE viral proteins to tag the diseased cells of cancer, aids, diabetes, Alzheimer's etc.
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Health & Beauty

  • Healthy life is better life
  • Eating habits are key to one's life and looks. Denise's recommendation to read is: "Fit for Life"  Read more

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We Have For This year:

"Las Vegas job swap": Taking celebrities or entertainers in the shows and putting them in a business environment ...

"Women Who Rule Vegas" new TV show.


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Future Plans

Current Activity

Denise has also been working on her own TV show with different TV producers affiliated with RDF media in London and in the US to produce and direct a reality TV show, sparking the idea of filming people in the entertainment world in Las Vegas and in the business world. This idea is to have celebrities and everyday people swap jobs of the opposite ends of the spectrum to do a challenging job that they are not familiar with and see how they can handle it.

Denise is creating a project to showcase powerful women of Las Vegas - on and off the strip. Politicians, celebrities, business women and other influential women.

Denise will be working on new music to release on and as well as other independent artists .